Personally not Politically Speaking…

14937414_10154765735439791_3968880146931323093_nI didn’t loose mind but I did have a heart felt conversation with God this morning. And if nothing else God showed me the true hearts of those around me. He showed me how people are truly not invested in the fair treatment of all people and that says ALOT about who they are. I’m very aware that most don’t care about things that don’t effect them. But it’s sad to learn that those are the people that you (used to) call friend. I can separate politics from personal beliefs but there is nothing political about classism, sexism, and racism. So if someone choses to support the rhetoric of day please understand how that is received. Messages I have received from this election cycle. (1) People quietly view you/me as inferior. (2) Stop calling people friends when they consider you an associate. (3) Trust your instincts. (4) Trust people to be who they are… NO MORE, NO LESS! I am so glad I know who God is. And to all the fake Christians (you know who you are)… God will deal with you. And since you quote the Bible as your road map… At the beginning of great book Genesis 1:27 He tells you that man was created in his own image…. THAT IS ALL HUMAN KIND!!! Not just those who look like you, think like you, or live like you! Judgement Day is going be a rude awaking for some of us!! #myfinalcommenton119


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