So what do you say about yourself…

where am I from?

what is my relationship with my parents?

do I have siblings?

what I do?

do I believe in God?

what church do I go to?

am I in a relationship?

do I have any children?

what college did I go to?

what civic organizations am I a member of?

what are my dreams and aspirations?

what kind of music do I like?

what do I do in my spare time?

what is my favorite sports team?

etc… Well I can answer all those questions and you still would not know anything about me.. because these are questions to gauge how YOU will interact with the ME that you have constructed based on my answers…and that is not who I am. As a human being I am a little more complex than the sum of the question one asks…. Maybe a better use of your time is to spend some time with me, allow me to be me, and get to know me. ┬áSo come and enjoy it ….it being me, ┬áJust being me!