Melodic Closure

Music and reality

He wanted to have a conversation about how he felt

I listened with earnest ears

Looking for where I might fit in

He said he had dreamt, visualized and planned our life

But not once did he ask me how I felt about those plans

I might have loved them, detested them, or maybe just wanted to tweak a few things

But the question never presented itself

So I sat in silence

Held his hand

Allowed his voice to massage my temples

And resounded myself to the fact that this was the end

He has planned our wedding from inception, to conception, to his form of fruition

He went silent to wait for an answer to a question that I did not hear

“What do you think?”

My mind had slowed to the pentameter of the song that played

So my response was, “Sounds amazing”.

But I was still waiting on the question that would connect this conversation with my heart…

…..”Do you want to try this again?”….but it never came.

So I sat swaying to the melody of the music and remembering the day I allowed myself to tell him “I Love You”

And reliving the reaction that screamed, “Sorry I do not feel the same”

Just like that night, he made moves to leave, kissed me good bye and again walked away without a heartfelt word.

So the conversation about how he felt was a hello and a goodbye wrapped all in one

As he relayed his feelings he was also closing the door on the chapter with my name on it

He had just penned the Epilogue to our relationship and closed the door behind him

I sat still and let the music wash the moment away

Closed the book and returned it to the shelf



© 2017 All rights reserved


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