Un-Side Chick Chronicles

Okay maybe I am being a little melodramatic or maybe I just do not realize what I am projecting.  Do I look like that chick who would be okay with being a side chick, side piece, side anything? Do I give the impression that I will be okay with only having half of your attention and just a little bit of your time? I have always been told that I am real and that is what people like about me but that cannot be true. Why you ask?

Well let’s start with the guy who is in my inbox on “the” Facebook. The one who I have told that ” I have a man” but who insists that he come see me, that I come see him or that I make time for him. So what part of “I have a man” did he not hear. He has stated frequently, “bump that dude”, like that statement is going to make me leave and come see him. So when asked, “If I were your woman would you want me meeting up with random men?”…his response was, “Well that would be different”… How so? Really? (he thinks I am playing, no really…) 

Then there is the guy who wants to take care of you but wants you to put forth all the effort. Wants you to be available for him whenever he has time. Doesn’t care about your schedule but says he cares for…. maybe even loves you. But you can’t come see me? I have to ask what you are doing this weekend to see if you have time for me. But this guy has no time for you. Can’t find a few minutes in his schedule to you pencil you in but wants to send you text messages saying how much he cares. You are lowkey still interested because it was good.. when it was good… but can you get that back or is the current situation what it would be like in the long-term?  All good questions (side chick to his schedule) 

Or we have the guy who texts you every morning, “Hey beautiful” and checks to see how you are doing. He is a decent guy and it’s always nice to be called beautiful. He has listened to you talk about your issues and has been a sounding board for other things. So you are taken aback when you catch a glimpse of him in a wedding picture of one of your associates… as the groom. But wait a minute… (as you check your text messages) you just text me three days ago…. but you are married….. REALLY? (unknowingly almost the side chick)

Fellas please stop the madness… or maybe I am giving off Side Chick Pheromones because nowhere in my personality and my conversation do I come across as a woman who would20527414_10154636237755966_63086769_n be okay with being anyone’s thot plus one. Especially when I have had that conversation at length about not understanding the concept of cheating.  Shit, just leave. I do not get why you would take yourself and anyone else through that. Now I am not going to act like a saint but I will say that with age comes wisdom and this ish has got stop.

Please tell me what I am doing to make guys think that I am side chick available; that I am taking “somebody else’s man” applications; that I am auditioning for thot of the year; that I am okay with community penis; or I am accepting shit when I deserve gold.. I THINK NOT! But apparently I am doing something wrong because this is my reality.

The one I want is not checking for me and has regulated me to the kissable friend zone. So I stay in a positive head space, hit the the gym on the regular, keep being about my business and asking God to intervene on my behalf with a guy who sees me for the jewel, a bad chick, a soldier, a ride or die, a great friend, an amazing helpmate…. for him to just see ME… and be willing to be all those things for me.

And until then.. I gotta find out what I am doing for these guys to be throwing side chick high fives my way… please, please, please, miss with that!

….. stay tuned for what’s next in the “Un (knowing) Side Chick Chronicles..



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3 thoughts on “Un-Side Chick Chronicles

  1. I TOTALLY hear you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think it’s anything that we are putting out, I think that those believe that they can be that way with any woman!! It’s just seeing which ones will accept what they try to give.

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