Stage Life

I conjure the world as a stage in my head.
I look out into the audience and see nothing but blank stares looking back.
My heart sinks because in that moment I realize I am alone.
No one to listen, no one to hold me, no one to talk to or just be there.
I sit center stage and look up at the lights hoping for enlightenment but silence is all I receive in response to my request.
Where do I turn when the world gets to be too much.
Who holds me when reality leaves my battered and bruised.
Who listens when I cry out loud
Who knows me well enough to read my silence.
I sit in darkness praying for light
Asking for God to send someone who’s presence is the answer to all my hearts needs.
That one person whose soul speaks fluent me and who wants to present in my world.
At this point I’m not sure it exists but who am I to question God.
I cry myself to sleep and hope for the best
I smile through the days because it’s the only way I make it.
I take care of everyone else because at least that is proof that I am still alive.
I exhale in the morning and wonder if that O2 should be utilized for someone else.
I ask God for direction and some semblance of purpose because I can’t keep doing this thing called life alone.
His answer is always the same, “I have great things in store for you”
So I sit center stage, cross my legs, read my script and continue to play my role
Praying for God to sends me a costar that delivers a God worthy performance and changes the game.


© 2017 All Rights Reserved


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