His Truth

…. (from his point of view)

You stand at a distant

Aloof and uninvested

But as you watch her live her life out loud

The sound is deafening

Not because she is flamboyant or over the top but because her happiness is screaming at you.

Instead of taking part in her life you have sat on the sidelines,

Not wanting to commit to her or admit to yourself that she is your world

So you let her go and stayed silently connected to her while trying to upgrade her

Well lessons can be brutal, heart punches, reality slaps and strokes of consciousness…

Leaving you with the knowledge that more than 100% is unobtainable

But she gave you 200% of herself

Which you handed back because you wanted to find something better.

That better doesn’t exist.

You know that now,

But is the place you vacated still vacant or has it been taken by someone who recognizes her heart, sings with her laugh, dances with her soul and holds her hand.

Can you go back?

Will she let you in?

Will she greet you with that smile that you see when you close your eyes.

Or will the knock go unanswered?

She deserves the truth and you need an answer.

So knock on the door of this situation and let her know what your heart feels…

Tell her your truth!


© 2017 All rights reserved


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