A ripple in time can create a lasting change in your life.

A fluctuation in the time force can allow you to see things so clearly.

It is the sound of wine hitting the side of a glass

It is the sound of a trumpet being accompanied by the saxophone in c sharp.

It is the remnants of your kiss that linger when you are not present.

I feel you when you are not near …like time stands still.

That wrinkle causes contention in my psyche

Leaving me asking questions of my reality and questioning your presence in it.

It’s like I am standing in a room filled with mirrors looking off into infinity

Speaking to myself and asking for it to be real, while at the same time knowing that some of it is just a dream.

So what part is real?

Is it the beginning where you held my heart in your hand, where your presence was all I yearned for.

Or was it the middle where I knew I loved you but in the same reality you didn’t love me.

Was it the end where you found it necessary to hand my heart back to me in pieces but still remain umbilically connected, because on the other side of reality you needed me to live.

The why of a situation is needed for closure in most situations but in this instance I will pass on the W. the H. and Y… because WHY would I think of HURTING YOU in a quest for enlightenment.

It adds very little, multiplies the emotions, divides my psyche and subtracts from my soul, leaving me void of feeling.

Who wants to do that kind of math?

So let’s stand side by side and throw another pebble in the water

Watch how it ripples and allow for the past to skip away.

Just as that pebble drops to the bottom of the lake, let our past drown on the taught lessons, hurt feelings and the broken hearts.

Let start from the calm that remains….



(c) June 22, 2017 All rights reserved


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