No Comments!

Sometimes I wonder why I write because at the end of the day no one reads it. I have a blog and send it out to people and no one comments. So at that time I would think to myself, “Why are you even bothering to write”… well the answer is simple. Because I am a writer. I have a need to express myself through words. And if no one ever reads them I know I said what I had to say. It’s like that Facebook status or that Tweet, that IG post that gets no likes; it doesn’t mean no one saw it, it just means that no one was touched enough by it to comment, like or repost it. In all honesty that says more about the person reading it than the person who wrote it. But that doesn’t diminish the validity of what was said.

There is a line in Sister Act 2, Whoopi Goldberg’s character explains, “If when you wake up in the morning you can think of nothing but writing…then you‘re a writer”. That has always resonated with me. So when I go months without writing something is missing. In the last months I have dealt with great trials and awesome triumphs. And even the truth of my dad’s stroke brought “no comment”. On some level it hurts that no one wants to know you well enough to read your thoughts and then reality hits and you tell yourself, “but I got it out”.

There is something cathartic about writing. I have been writing since I was four and it has been my life saver at the worst of times. So if no one ever reads and even my friends do not comment; then at least I got it out and for that I require, “no comment”.



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