He Will Touch You!

On February 7th at about 4:43 PM I received a call from my mom. She told me she was at the hospital with my dad because he was feeling funny and dizzy. I went to check on him and was told by doctors that he had a TIA which is a Transient Ischemic Attack. It is often labeled “mini-stroke,” it is more accurately characterized as a “warning stroke,” a warning you should take very seriously. TIA is caused by a clot (AHA, 2017).

Let me first start by saying that my father, like most men, did not seek or have regular doctors visits. So a lot of the current issue could have been prevented. But I digress.

While in the hospital attempting to get his blood pressure down (262/141) my father suffered a stroke of the left frontal lobe and lost the ability to use his right side and the ability to speak. This  was a frightening image that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

My father was given a procedure call a TPA which is translated to Tissue Plasminogen Activator. This is used to activate the areas of the brain that are damaged by the stroke. My father was in the necessary window for this procedure and it did amazing work on his cognitive functioning.


My mom and I sat in vigil as my dad slept and the TPA did what it was supposed to do. We spoke with a Neurosurgeon in the ER and then at the hospital that my dad would be transferred to (Grady Hospital) later on that night. So I was asked to sign some paperwork for my dad so I left the room and walked to my car and back to the room. I preface this statement by saying that when I left my father could not use the right side of his body or speak.  When I got back to the hospital room, no more than five minutes later, my mom had a weird look on her face and she was standing next to my dad’s bed. My father was awake and alert and said “What took you so long?”, he then proceeded to lift his right foot and his lift his right arm over his head. MY GOD, MY GOD!!!!

I don’t know who you serve. But I serve a God that is AMAZING!!!!

The days that have followed have been ones of constant prayer. Glad I know God and even more glad that He knows and loves me and my family.

My dad said something that has stuck with me since the day of his stroke… “He (God) will touch you, when you are not doing what He asked you to do”. This is so very true.

We walk through this life with the belief that we can continue to do what we want to do and God will just forgive us. Well that is partially true. He will forgive us but NOT if we continuously do the same thing over and over knowing that it is wrong. When we know better we are supposed to do better. But we (yes, I am talking to myself also) don’t think that way until God touches us and shows us. But once He has touched us we have to do something different but most do not learn at this point. Well my dad has!!!

Life is a precious gift that all of us are blessed with. Some of us leave here because of the choices we make and because of that we cannot make that God’s issue.

You get one life…. one body….so treat both with the same precious touch you handle your car, favorite pair of shoes, etc. We cherish things more than we cherish life and that is ridiculous.

This stroke situation has shown me the strength of my fathers. That would be my heavenly father and my earthly father. I am thankful for both of them. I pray (you can join me in prayer) my earthly father’s continued progress on his way to my heavenly father’s promised and already ordained full recovery.

Be blessed and thanks in advance for your prayers,


(c) 2017 All Rights Reserved


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