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When I was little I use to say the ocean I swam in every day had amazing blue waves. My grandpa Steamer told me, “the water is not blue… it is clear but the sand reflects the sky” and that produces the spectacular shades of blue you see off the shores of most islands.

As an adult I still take a deep breath when I get to stand on a beach and look out into God’s creation. It is so amazing to see the water go on and on and think that at the other end there is someone looking back.

The view off the balcony of the Carnival Liberty, Jan 2, 2017

So this year me and a group of friends decided to take a cruise for New Year’s and we are so planning on making it a Annual Trip. It felt good to relax for the first couple days of the year and not worry about going back to work, Christmas bills, pending deadlines or school returns….it was just me and the ocean and some good people.

DAY 1: January 1, 2017 
20170101_065205Stacy and I got up at 5 am. Really we didn’t sleep much because we were ready to get this cruise under  way. And after feeling really un-Christmaslike (no that is not a word, but you know me) for the past month; it felt good to be happy about something. And it is always good to travel with people you have a good time with. A vacation is made or broken by the people you travel with so make sure that your Travel Squad is not made up of people who drain you, always have something negative to say, find something wrong with everything or is that person that works your nerves. These people are not Travel Squad member material. TRAVEL TIP: Leave them at home.


We (well Stacy) drove to Port Canaveral, Florida and effortless made it through the check in, boarded the Carnival Liberty and we were allowed to go right to our rooms. 20170102_114626-1


TRAVEL TIP: If you are cruiser who does not get sea sick and can deal with viewing the water as you travel… GET A BALCONY! It is amazing to wake up to that view. We ran right to the balcony and chilled for about 15 mins before going to hit the Lido deck (Deck 9). For those of you who are novice at this cruising thing, the Lido deck is where all the food, pools, and drinks are located. It is the Hub of all things good on the boat, well unless you are looking for the Casino then that is a few floors below. But you have to eat so you will need to know where the constant free food is! (Smile)


DAY 2: January 2, 2017

                                          This is what we woke up to on Day 2 on the Cruise.We are docking in Freeport, Bahamas.


Freeport, Bahamas (Dockyard), Jan 2, 2017

Freeport is a quaint little port. And it is just that, a port. So the side of the island that you dock on is not really pretty but there is another side to Freeport. So TRAVEL TIP: Take a tour. There is so much more to see. Also BONUS TIP: Bargain, bargain, bargain… always bargain with the merchants but make sure you give them fair value. They have amazing things. Check out the the Wood Carving Hut..He is amazing and his prices are reasonable.

DAY 3 & 4: January 3 & 4, 2017 



We were given a rare treat on this cruise. We were ported in Nassau overnight. We docked at 4 PM on departed at 3 PM the next day.

This is our morning view. It is something about 62 degree weather in the winter that makes you feel warm all over.  And look at that sun coming up…. it’s just beautimous (no that is not a word but stop judging me!).

Got off the boat to do some shopping at the straw market and of course downtown. If you are looking for designer handbags go to the corner by the MAC store and look for Shantel she will help you get what you want, I promise.

TRAVEL TIP: Always go with someone. Do not get off the boat alone. Everyone isn’t friendly!


We got to hangout on port all night. But in the morning I got an awesome shot of the famed Atlantis Hotel and Casino.


Nassau, Bahamas  (Dockyard)  January 4, 2017

Day 5: January 5, 2017

Bags were packed the night before. TRAVEL TIP: Walk your luggage off. If you check you luggage you have to wait for them to get it to you. It can delay your leaving by an hour or so. BONUS TIP: Do not pack a lot of unnecessary stuff. Just bring what you need because most of the cruise you will be in lounging clothes, a swimsuit, a hat (because direct sunlight is not good for you), some flip flips and comfortable walking shoes (for the port walking). 


Sunrise off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas

We were blessed to return to Port Canaveral happy, healthy, and unharmed; which is always a good thing. This cruise was a great trip to start this new year. So here is my review of the Carnival Liberty.


The overall trip was awesome! The boat is beautiful and the overall staff was very polite and accommodating. The two things that I gauge a ship by is their Steward service and their Dining Room service and this cruise staff failed miserably.

DINING ROOM STAFF: ♠ ♠   (2 spades is equivalent to 2 stars)   The staff was not happy to help, the food was NOT good and the lead waiter was not willing to work. The 2 spades were because Eco (one of the waiters) was very helpful and recommended the Flat Iron Steak, (which I ate every night).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           STEWARD SERVICE: ♠ ♠ (2 spades is equivalent to 2 stars)  I only saw our Steward twice the whole time I was on the boat, Stacy never saw him. He did not come get our dirty towels until the second to last day. The 2 spades were because at least our beds were made and we had towel animals on them everyday. Yes, its the small things.

Others on the cruise were very happy with their steward service but agreed with me about the Dining Room food. I would strongly suggest that you eat on the Lido Deck (Deck 9)  and please try Guy’s Burger Joint, it is delicious.

So overall my first week of 2017 was amazing!! Great friends, great food (on the Lido deck), and a great view… It would only be better if it were free!

Xoxo, Kesh

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