I Got Directions to 1982…

One of my blogisters (yes I made that word up, what? Don’t judge me. Just a mesh up of Blogger and Sister. Well I thought it worked, but I digress) named Lady G gave out directions to 1982 so I thought I would go on a trip!

So I went to visit her in 1982 and got to have a great time with my family in Bermuda.

So today I ….jobsons-cove-beach

… grabbed my bag and called out to my cousin on my way up the hill and down the hill to Horseshoe Bay (pictured to the right). Put my bag up rocks and ran into the ocean. Aww, blue skies equal clear “blue” water.  My cousin Makeba is always my running mate… well until he almost drowned me, lol!!

… swam for about 2 hours and went to Mumbean’s (pictured below) house for some lunch. My great grandmother baked all day long. I went to get lunch, my regular, double grilled cheese sandwich on Johnny Bread. And of course my lemonade.13331002_10153531375115966_2679842388380765536_n

…ran over the hill to my grandpa’s house to feed King… that would be my grandpa’s German Shepherd.

…was still hungry so I ran over to Rangers Sports Club to get some of the best French fries ever. My cousin Blair went with me to see if we could get a free fish sandwich. It didn’t work so I settled for the fries and a chance to see my Uncle Gene who was sitting at the bar. Oh yeah, Ranger’s Sport Club is a Cricket and Football Club. And no not that football, this is what Americans would call soccer.

Southampton Rangers Sports Club, Bermuda

…eating French fries and walking to see my grandmother I hear Bob Marley and Peter Tosh playing in the backyard and see my cousins dancing, so I join in.

…was miffed because there was no more Ginger Beer so my uncle tried to appease me with a Heineken… By’ please!! But hey I drank it.

…back up at Blair’s house we get to watch some Wu-Tang Clan movies. And no not the Hip Hop Group that features Method Man but the movies where the lips and the dialogue don’t match.

…ran down the hill to get a call from my dad who was in Korea because of Uncle Sam. We laughed, I recapped my day told Him I loved him and threw the phone at, I mean to, my sister Desi.

… my Nana. Momma and I do our Sabbath School Lesson and I get my nightly crochet lesson… It’s our ritual.

… I talk to God and say thank you and lay myself down to sleep!

Like Ice Cube would say ten years later… “today was a good day”…1982 was a great time and I was an awesome 6 year old. 34 years later it’s great to go back to see friends, hangout with family, and of course to hit the beach. Like my girl, Lady G said 2016 is downright disrespectful.

Thanks Lady G for the directions!

(Check out Lady G‘s day in 1982 by clicking her name anywhere throughout the blog!!)

Xoxo, Kesh

© 2016. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “I Got Directions to 1982…

  1. Welcome Darling!!!!
    So glad that you made it back! LOL!
    I sooooo appreciate the love Sis!
    This was so much fun to read. I love the pictures; especially the one of ‘Mumbean.”
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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