Thoughts of an Insomniac

b978b4bb1ef1ae9ddc23d3a90e217748Sitting in the sauna at the gym..Plotting… Thankful God has kept me. Had an epiphany… I believe my two weeks of non sleep (insomniac, yep that was me) was for Him to show me some things because I was sleeping on Him. So now I’ve got my marching papers. He has shown me who I need to walk with, whom to walk away from, and to be thankful for those who have walked away from me. Only God saves so looking for someone to sustain, fortify, fulfill, complete or save you is futile and a waste of this life He has given you. We all want to be wanted, chosen, appreciated, valued and loved… Guess what, He will send that to you in droves as long as you are true to Him and yourself. Be real and everything that is not real will bounce off of you. Positive ions are attracted to each other… So I leave you with this…. Be the best you that you can be… Try not to let the negativity and stupidity of this world to cloud your joy!!!! #saunasession

XoXo, Kes

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.


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